Extension: Case Allocations Overview

March 23, 2023


Hugo Breedt

VoyagerNetz and Case Manager SA


Extension: Case Allocations Overview

Case Manager’s ability to drive work and automated processes on large amounts of individual cases makes the system a good fit for debt-collection environments. The financial functionality in the system is geared towards managing complicated payment splitting and pay-over management by means of transaction allocations. Each of the transactions keeps record of its effect on other transactions to track sub-balances on the case. From a user’s perspective it may be difficult to get a full grasp of all the allocations on a case and the calculation of these balances.

For this reason we introduce the “Case Allocation Overview” extension for Case Manager 5.2, adding to Case Manager an intuitive drill-down view of the allocations on a case.

Allocations Screenshot of Extension

The new view can be accessed by a toolbar button added to the History form of a case visible when the Finances tab is selected. All the case transactions are shown in a pivot table outlining the over-all allocations. It’s easy from this view to understand and verify the calculation of the balances.

Allocations Screenshot of Extension 2

The pivot table supports customization of fields to adjust how transactions are grouped, and allocations are presented. You can access the available fields by right-clicking the column section of the table, and make the preferred adjustments to the view.

Allocations Screenshot of Extension 3

Allocations Screenshot of Extension 4

The extension can be installed into Case Manager on version 5.2.1 or later, by adding the extension file, CaseManager.Extensions.AllocView.dll in the Extension Management section of the Configuration Tools. Adding the extension will run a quick installation process, after which the button will be available in Case Manager (after application restart).

If you have any more questions on the financial capabilities for debt-collection or extensibility of Case Manager, feel free to reach out to us!

You can download the extension the Case Manager Extension Download page.