Integrate, automate and customize

Case Manager 6 provides tools to import data and to develop automated custom integrations.

Take control of your contact center data with these powerful data features provided by Case Manager 6.

Unleash the power of reporting

Create powerful and custom reports using the amazing Crystal Reports developed by SAP.

Quick data imports

Import Excel and CSV files in a snap using the import utility.

Effortlessly search, customize and export case data

Advanced Search helps you create, navigate and export custom data grids in seconds combining your selection of filters and fields.

Create more than 200 custom data fields

Once you create new custom fields you can import data into these fields, use them on customized UI forms and on reports.

Customize your agent UI forms

Personalize your agent user interface with custom data sections, fields and labels.

Grid customization

Customize data grids by selecting and ordering the fields you would like your agents to see.

Toolbar customization

Agent toolbars can be customized to only include the action buttons you want your agents to see.

Visually gain insight into your data

The instant dashboards make it possible to easily gain deeper insight into your data.

Perform bulk actions on thousands of cases at once

With the bulk action utility you can select cases based on criteria and execute actions in bulk.

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