Incredible Flexibility

Case Manager can be customized and tailored to your exact requirements.

Meet the complex and custom needs of your contact center.

Extend and Enhance Your System

Unleash the power of customization with custom and standard extensions.

Seamless integration, limitless possibilities

Embed and empower your agent workspace with web-call actions.

Customized letters and documents.

Create custom letters and legal documents with incredible precision and flexibility.

Customize your agent user interface

Add new sections, tabs, checkboxes, dropdown lists, text fields, date fields and create up to 200 new customized fields.

Fully customizable workflow

Create a custom workflow to your exact specification.

Custom reports

Create incredibly powerful reports using the amazingly powerful Crystal Reports designer from SAP.

Customize your agent functionality toolbars

After plugging in a new extension you can easily add the new button to the toolbar.

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