Case Manager Startup Program

Aug. 4, 2022


Case Manager

Microworks Enterprise (Pty) Ltd.


The recently announced Case Manager Community Edition is great for small contact center projects but limited to three users in total. We often come across Startups that are a bit larger but still in the very early stages of operation and while designing the Community Edition the question came up on how we can help these Startups. Anybody who know me will know that have entrepreneurship and Startup in my blood - I've been involved in many startups over the years and amazingly some of my most successful customers were once Startups I encouraged and advised - as the saying goes 'A rising tide raises all ships.' and another one I really love is 'It's more blessed to give than to receive.'. With all of this in mind we envisioned the Case Manager Startup Program which intends to help and boost new Contact Centers.

Case Manager Startup Program

The program is for new businesses that have been operating for less than two years and includes the following exciting benefits:

  • Our Case Manager for Startups Program includes a Case Manager server license and 10 free Case Manager 5.2 licenses in total.
  • A free startup assessment and business advice session.
  • Free quarterly meetings with one of our Case Manager experts.
  • Our powerful Enterprise grade advanced reporting and analytics tool.

Program Terms

There are some important terms associated with Case Manager community edition:

  • The program is only available to teams of four or larger. If your team is smaller then I suggest you checkout the Case Manager Community Edition.
  • Case Manager Startup Program does not come with any monthly support included over and above those listed in the benefits section ,however, you will have access to our amazing support teams on a time and material basis. This is especially helpful in the beginning of your Case Manager journey and I encourage you to make use of this option to get started and to avoid frustration.
  • The Program benefits are available for twelve months.
  • Paid for electronic services like SMS / Texting Messaging, Payment Services, Tracing services and anything else which is normally charged for outside of the Case Manager software licenses are not included for free.
  • Any licenses over and above the included can be purchased at normal Case Manager license prices.
  • You will still be have to agree to the Case Manager license and service terms.

Getting Started

  1. The first step to get started is to apply at
  2. You can download Case Manager on that same page.
  3. Our team will review your application and let you know if we have any questions and about the outcome of your application.
  4. Finally - you will most likely need to get a few technical support hours to get you up to speed. Technical support is not mandatory but it might leave you very frustrated if you do not make use of this option.

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